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Apple Mini-Mac

I remember trying the first Mac out (circa 1984). I Was at UC and in search of something to help my studies. I did not respond favorably to the GUI. I had already had many computer classes with cards and stacking and fixing. The GUI seemed incomprehensible to me.

I feel that way about the Apple thing today — not the incomprehensibility in use, but the incomprehensibility in celebration.

I have such a great deal more programs of interest (and stability) which run on the Microsoft platform/the GNU/Linux, BSD platforms that I am always surprised at the continuing success of Apple.

The platform seems — redundant and irrelevant — but pretty.

I am curious about the platform — I am running a Mac Mini — but thus far I am almost always irritated by it.

I cannot argue with the base of Apple’s line – BSD – my preferred platform; but I am intrigued by the differences in (perhaps) mind-sets between GUI-lovers and textual-commandos.


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